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Founded in 2002, OLA of Eastern Long Island works to create a more equitable East End for Latino immigrants through advocating for just and inclusive government and school policies; protecting families; nurturing power and unity among Latinos through leadership workshops and other programs; and building bridges among different sectors of the East End community through celebrating arts and culture.



While upholding their primary mission of being a Latino focused non-profit serving the East End, OLA is currently addressing COVID-19 Response and Recovery needs as its main effort.  In response to crisis needs from some of the most vulnerable families on the East End, OLA has been coordinating a large-scale volunteer-based food sourcing and delivery response for families who are in dire need of food. Many do not have transportation, have young children home from school, are disabled, are pregnant, and/or have compromised health needs. Many families have as little as 1-2 day’s worth of food. These are families that never needed help before but due to the COVID-19 crisis have found themselves in dire need. 


  • Helping homebound families in crisis receive delivered food on a weekly basis. 

OLA is:


  • Buying and supplying school districts needed devices for remote learning.

  • Maintaining State, County, Town, and Village understandings of COVID updates and making sure the full community, including Spanish speaking members have a full knowledge of safety, work, housing, food related planning. 

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