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All For The East End (AFTEE) is a unique 501(c)(3) organization with a singular mission: to help, support and showcase the nonprofits that make the East End a place unlike any other. The community prospers in so many ways by the social service, cultural, ecological and educational organizations, but local groups have all taken hits to their budgets.  AFTEE wants to help by attracting new funds and support for today and for tomorrow.


By publicly showcasing and supporting the over 1000 organizations in the five East End towns, AFTEE is a unifying voice, leveraging strategic assets of collaboration and its regional brand to raise awareness, rally support and launch a new era of fundraising and organizational integration


The Coronavirus pandemic is having widespread impacts on our local East End economy.  Many people who have never before needed assistance are finding themselves lacking the financial resources to weather this economic storm.  The medium income in our area is one of the lowest in the county because of low wage seasonal employment in service industry jobs.


AFTEE’s “Feed the Need” campaign aims to raise $1 million through a massive coordinated appeal to help address East End food insecurity and other issues emerging from the current pandemic by supporting local food pantries and the important work being done across our communities.  


You can donate or apply for a grant at  

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