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The goal of Maureen’s Haven is to provide safe, warm temporary shelter to homeless individuals from November through March, utilizing volunteer houses of worship and congregation volunteers. The host facilities and supporting organizations provide much more than a place to sleep and a nutritious meal. They provide support through embracing the values of human dignity, respect, service, compassion, teamwork, diversity and love. Their day center in Riverhead, the first of its kind in Suffolk County, provides respite from the cold and year-round services for this vulnerable and growing population. In addition to meeting the immediate needs of the homeless, Maureen’s Haven strives to place individuals in supportive housing which provides consistent shelter and case management. Over the past three years, they have placed over 30 individuals in housing, provided counseling and assistance with job search and placement, and offered a continuum of care that has helped individuals in rebuilding their lives. They currently have over 1,500 dedicated and selfless volunteers.


During this COVID-19 crisis, Maureen’s Haven is focused on several key programs including emergency housing, non-perishable food distribution, meal preparation and service, and other essential services for those in desperate need. In anticipation of increased homelessness and requirements for this population in the East End over the next few months, additional funding is critical to keep these efforts going full speed ahead. Your donation will make a huge difference in the lives of those who have no voice.

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