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The Hamptons Health Society is a New York State registered 501(c)3 since 2004 operated all by volunteers. It was founded to act as a local healthcare think tank and continuously explore ways to improve local healthcare and emergency services in the Southampton, New York Community – utilizing a broad network of education health, counseling and emergency services.  All contributions are laser targeted to the needs of healthcare and safety on the East End.


Over the last 15 years, they have funded education programs and provided new, state-of-the-art medical equipment and supplies to local hospitals, doctors, nurses, and police. Some of these donations include a communications room upgrade at the hospital, emergency and operating room stretchers, beds for ambulatory surgery and intensive care, new wheelchairs, ICU respirators, enhanced digital radiology monitors, and new equipment for the eye and ENT emergency room at Southampton Hospital. Educational contributions include nursing scholarships in exchange for three years of service, as well as advanced cardiac life support training programs for doctors and nurses. For the local police department, the Hamptons Health Society procured ice rescue and safety equipment, including roadside trauma kits and oxygen resuscitators.

In the last week, The Hamptons Health Society, championed by Dr. Peter Michalos, delivered 12 state-of-the-art intensive care unit life support ventilators and donated 2,000 N95 masks to the nurses, doctors, and respiratory therapists on the front lines. In addition to this, they procured 18 life-sustaining helmets if the ICU gets overrun.


They will continue working hard to support the East End community in this unpredictable time. Please donate today to help fuel their mission. They can be reached at (631) 283-3222.

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